Technically there is not a course specified in Minnesota law that calls itself a “renewal course”. Although instructors are free to call their BCA certified curriculum and classes anything they want, the law simply states that for new permits or for renewal permit training, the individual must take another class.

From Minnesota statute 624.714:

Subd. 2a.Training in safe use of a pistol.

(a) An applicant must present evidence that the applicant received training in the safe use of a pistol within one year of the date of an original or renewal application.

So as you can see, the law simply calls for new (original applicants) or a renewal applicant to receiving the same training. There is no abbreviated course or “renewal course” specified in law other than the same training that a new or original applicant would receive. It is the same training.

And that training must include a shooting qualification exercise as specified by law.